Bay TV Swansea

Powerful, effective, affordable and targeted advertising for YOUR business or organisation 

Are you a business, charity, social enterprise, event organiser, community group or public sector? 

Have you ever thought about advertising on TV?  
Think you can’t afford it?  
Think again!  

Advertising on TV is a very powerful and cost-effective route to tell your story. 
Our packages offer incredible value and enormous potential return on your investment, We can even help to create your campaign!  
We have a diverse programme schedule designed to: inform • entertain • engage • educate • involvewith an ever growing audience. 

We can offer you a range of competitive advertising and sponsorship packages and other promotional opportunities to get your message across  

Whether you have a product, service, event, gig or campaign we can schedule and deliver your message on a cross- or single- platform (TV and/or Internet)  

Find out more: email us at for a no-obligation quote for your campaign.